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Update v1.5.2b1 (Big update, gameplay, performance and Bugs Fixes)

Posted on 09/21/2019

The game has been updated with a new build to increase, fix and improve some features. We are back with this big update and improvement.

Patch Notes v1.2.0b1 (Full Controller Support and Bugs Fixes Update)

Posted on 09/19/2019

The game has been updated with a new build to increase, fix and improve some features. Full Controller Support Now you can play the Deliv

Patch Notes v1.1.0b1 (Daily Missions and Bugs Fixes Update)

The game has been updated with a new build to fix and improve Daily Missions We are glad to announce the daily missions. You can create y

Steam Trading Cards is now Available

Hey guys, We are glad to announce Steam Trading cards is now available. Now when you play the Deliverace, you can win a lot of Steam card

Report – Login and server connection fixed

Hi guys, Since yesterday we received a lot of information about login failure on Start Screen. We fixed this problem and now you can play

Matchmaking and Grouping Update

Matchmaking We updated the matchmaking system to create quickplay matches. Now the matchmaking can create a match only with one player. T

Patch Notes v1.0.6b1 (Gameplay Update)

The game has been updated with a new build to fix and improve Gameplay New Features Changed gun to shoot automatic. Now you can change &#

Servers online – A lot of Fixes applied to Game Servers

Hi guys, the servers are online again, and a lot of fixes has been applied to game servers. Fixed: – Bug when player enter on game

Server down due to maintenance – instability on Game Servers

Deliverace servers is Down for Urgent maintenance on the 20th october 2018. We are back in 4 hours. on 3pm PST Thank you

Mode Truck Survival temporarily disabled

Hi guys, because of performance issue we are disabling the game mode Truck Survival. We are working to fix this mode as soon as possible

Let’s play

Finally, the game is here, available to play. We hope you enjoy it. Maybe you experience a little bit instability in the servers, but don

Watch the Deliverace Official Trailer

Hi guys, has been a long time since we started to develop this game, and now i have a pleasure to present to you the Deliverace Official

Release date delayed

Hi guys, unfortunately because of steam review, the release date delayed to 19 of october. But dont worry with this delay a lot of fixes

Starting the Servers in 3…2…1…

Hi guys, We started the process do initialize all the servers. Currently we have 2 regions servers (North America and South America) And

Tofu style – New car in Deliverace

We present a new Car to Deliver as fast as you can on Deliverace

We are still inviting for Closed Beta

Hi Guys, We received a lot of subscription to the Closed Beta and we want to invite you and your friends to join the Beta. And the Beta w

Closed Beta Invitation

Hello everyone, We’re adding the Steam Build of Deliverace to our Online Tests very soon. And we want you invite you to join the Closed B

New Feature – Customizing Wheels

HI Guys, We haven’t released yet, but we are so happy to announce the new feature. Now, You’ll able to customize cars’

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