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12/24/2016 10:00h

Deliverace is the brand new multiplayer game developed by Skyjaz Games.

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Pick a car and enter the fray. Whoever delivers more cargo/supplies wins.

Game Modes

Multiplayer modes will be available as well, such as Free for All – where each racer is competing against every other player looking for supremacy; and Bomb Mode, in which a random vehicle is chosen to carry a timed bomb that should be transferred to other player before it goes off.

Different levels, shield power-ups, speed boosts, ramps and many other features will be available so that you can create your own and unique gameplay style. There are many types of vehicles to choose from, each with its own set of characteristics, to make sure that the gameplay will be unique and adaptable to your playstyle. You will be rewarded with different paintings, new vehicles, achievements and trophies for your efforts in Deliverace.

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