Cards and Gear

Cards is one of the most important think inside Deliverace. Each card can change the performance and gear of your Car.

Currently in-game we have 4 types of cards:


Each type can change performance attributes like:

Max velocity
Fuel Economy
Brake Force
Impact Resistance



Each card have a level and the sum of all cards’ level defines your gear. Your gear can be between 100 up to 300.
Each card can be between +0 and +20 (only the initial card has level 0).

Card Type:

Card: Engine

To improve your max velocity and acceleration, you can use this type of card to get more performance on it.

Card: Suspension

This type of card can improve your impact resistance and your max velocity too.

Card: Transmission

This card with combination of Engine card can improve your acceleration and control of your car in general.

Card: Brake

This card have effect on your brake changing if you drift more or less and if your brake will be more effective or not.

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