Update v1.5.2b1 (Big update, gameplay, performance and Bugs Fixes)

09/21/2019 01:29h

The game has been updated with a new build to increase, fix and improve some features.

We are back with this big update and improvement.

Offline training Mode

Now, you can prepare your car and train in this new offline mode.
You can test your driving skills to choose the best car for your gameplay style.
You also can change settings and fit your abilities to fight against other players.

Preparing for the future

You will see that the Weapon menu in the garage section has been removed.
We are changing the gameplay to improve the battles.

For now you will have just one weapon, but don’t worry, until the end of this month we will launch a new update increasing new weapons to collect during the gameplay.


  1. Camera sensibility changed
  2. Aim assist removed
  3. Minimap fixed
  4. The AI now can shoot a little bit more faster
  5. Tutorial added
  6. On the social menu, you can see your K/D and matches informations
  7. Some colliders are removed
  8. Some Buildings are removed
  9. Some trees are removed

Bugs fixes

  1. Arrow indicator now show the correct direction
  2. City building LOD fixed
  3. Trees with high poligon was removed
  4. Spray sound fixed
  5. Car without brake on the main menu fixed
  6. Endless loading fixed
  7. Cards rewards fixed
  8. Matchmaking menu fixed

Maybe you will need to restart your steam client to apply this update.
If you’re experiencing more problems, tell us.
Thanks for your pacient and feedbacks.

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